The Factors That Make Up Your Moving Company Estimate

14 November 2022
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Are you planning to hire a moving company when you move to a new home? Then you'll definitely start by getting estimates from various movers. Here are some of the costs that will make up your final estimate, which will help you compare them better.

Hourly Labor Cost

Every moving company is going to have an hourly rate that they charge for the labor of moving. Make sure that you understand how this cost breaks down per each person that is assisting with the move. Costs may fluctuate based on how many people are working to move you and how long it takes to move all your items. In some cases, a lower hourly rate does not always equal cheaper labor costs when you consider the rate per man-hour, so you will want to take that into consideration. 

Materials Cost

Moving companies will also charge you a materials cost, which is used to pay for the items that they will use to securely move your belongings. This can include plastic wrap and padded blankets that are put around furniture, the appliance and utility dollies that are used to move stuff onto the truck, and protective floor coverings so that your floors do not get dirty. You'll want to know what you are paying for and how much it is costing you.

Rental Truck Cost

There will be some sort of cost associated with the moving truck that is used to transport all your belongings. However, each moving company will have different rates and moving methods. Some will charge you a cost for the truck itself, with there being different costs for large and small trucks. Others will just charge a flat rate for the truck no matter what size it is. 

In addition, there can be fuel surcharges and mileage surcharges based on how far they are driving the truck. Some moving companies do not charge this, but you'll still pay an hourly rate that will account for how long it takes the movers to get to your new home. 

Insurance Cost

Are you going to get insurance to cover your items while they are in transit? You'll want to understand how much you are paying, what it covers, and how it works when you need to use it. For example, if the movers end up damaging your big-screen TV, will they cover a repair or replacement? 

For more information, contact local moving companies.