About Storytelling Video Apps

3 June 2021
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A storytelling video app can be a great resource for children. These apps have a lot of tools that help children to create their stories and bring them to life. By using these apps, children can really create the stories they make up, so they can see them come to life. You can learn more about storytelling video apps below. 

1. Storytelling apps encourage creativity

The storytelling video apps will encourage children to be creative in different ways. They have simple child-friendly interfaces that make it easy for the child to create on them. There are tools like stickers and bright colors they can use to express themselves in fun ways. They can add text and change the backgrounds. The children can also choose between drawing with pencils or painting with a paintbrush. The stickers they can use for their stories can differ greatly depending on the app they are using, but they generally include plenty of stickers that reflect various interests like animals, sports, and flowers. 

2. Storytelling apps can allow children to use photos they take

Children love to include the things that are special to them in the stories that they create. The storytelling apps allow them to take pictures with their devices and then use those same photos in the stories that they are creating. They can do many things with the photos, such as drawing on them, putting stickers on them, coloring them, adding text to them, and more. One example of a way children can use this tool to create a story they will have a lot of fun with would be to use a picture of their pet on a farm background, then use stickers to add farm animals and farming equipment. They can draw their family members around their pet and add text to complete the entire scene. 

3. Storytelling apps allow children to add voice

Another great feature that the children will be able to make use of is the one that allows them to add a video to the story. This means they can tell the story and record it. They can upload that voice recording, so someone will hear them telling the story while they are looking at the creation the child put together. They can then share their story with others and have a lot of fun.

If you'd like to learn more, check out various storytelling video apps.