3 Things To Know About Replacing A Failed Well Pump

28 November 2020
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When the water from your kitchen tap comes from a private water well, the absence of a monthly bill can lull homeowners into feeling that the supply will never end. While well pumps are designed to provide many years of reliable service, the parts and components do experience wear that will eventually result in the failure of the pump to cycle on and pump water. 

Homeowners who have just discovered that their well pump has failed may have some questions about the installation process involved in replacing their old pump. 

Is it possible to DIY a well pump installation? 

Because well pump repairs can be costly, homeowners who are without water due to a pump failure sometimes wonder whether they could install a new pump on their own. While it is possible to purchase new well pumps at most home improvement stores, most homeowners do not have access to the tools and expertise needed to safely install this equipment.

Safety issues involved in working with 220V wiring and live electricity, as well as the ability to successfully pull a non-working well pump from depths that are often hundreds of feet below the earth's surface can create serious risks of injury or damage. In many cases, the well casing must also be replaced, a process that requires additional skills and the use of machinery capable of lifting, holding and inserting long sections of well casing pipe. 

What site preparations should I make for the process of installing a new well pump? 

Most well pump installations will require sufficient access and space for the well pump installation crew to perform their duties in a safe manner. Homeowners will want to make sure that vehicles and other items are removed from the area around the well pump's location. If the well pump is located within a fenced area, homeowners will also need to make sure that gates or other openings are wide enough for the equipment to easily fit through. 

How can well pump installation costs be more easily managed? 

Homeowners without sufficient savings to cover the cost of replacing a failed well pump may need to take out a small loan, use a credit card or see if their well pump installation service has an affordable payment plan. Homeowners should also explore coverage under an existing home insurance or home warranty plan to see if well pump replacement is wholly or partially covered. As with most home repair and maintenance needs, it can be helpful to create a line in the budget to build up savings to help pay for this type of future repairs. 

If you are experiencing any type of supply issue with your private water well, contacting a reputable well pump installation service is the first step to restoring a safe, reliable water supply.