Important Services That An Annealing Business Can Offer To Machinists

16 September 2020
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Machinists need pliable materials with which to work. They make metal products that must last for years and give clients a good return on their investment. However, they also must use metals that are versatile enough to be bent, shaped, and punctured.

Rather than use metals that have not been treated, machinists can get metals from an annealing business. An annealing service can provide critical services that ensure the productivity of machinists who buy metals from it.

Preventing Cracking

Metals that have not undergone the annealing process are brittle and capable of cracking or shattering. If a machinist punctures or tries to bend it during the machining process, he or she could cause the metal to break in half or splinter into dozens of pieces. 

To ensure that the metal is pliable enough to work with, the machine shop owner needs to buy metal from a professional annealing service. The annealing business will heat up the metal past its boiling point to soften it. It then allows the metal to cool down slowly so that it remains pliable and soft enough to shape through the various machining processes that it will undergo.

The machinist can bend, fold, puncture, or otherwise shape the metal as required to make products for clients. He or she avoids working with a metal that can easily break and not be useful for machining.

Practical Grinding

The annealing process also makes the metal pliable enough to be ground or shaved. During the machining work to make certain products for clients, the machine shop employees may need to grind or shave off a portion of the metal. However, they need that metal to be soft enough to be put through a grinder or shaving machine. Hard metals can cause sparks and debris to fly and possibly cause injuries to a machinist's face, eyes, or hands.

An annealing service ensures that the metals that it sells to machine shops are pliable enough to be ground or shaved. The machinist can put it through both processes without risking injury to himself or herself and still get the results needed for making clients' products.

These services are some that an annealing business can provide to machine shop clients. The annealing service provides metals that are soft enough to go through common machining processes. The metals can be bent, folded, and punctured. They can also be put through grinders or shavers.

To learn more, reach out to a local annealing service.