Pros And Cons To Consider Before Buying A Country Club Home

16 October 2019
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Buying a country club home for sale is easily an enticing thing, but it is not something to be done without a good amount of consideration. Take a look at the pros and cons of buying one of these homes to make sure you are making the best decision. 

Pro: You get access to all the amenities a country club has to offer. 

Buying a home on a country club property usually means you gain access to the amenities that the country club has to offer. You may have to buy a membership to take advantage of everything, but it is not uncommon for property owners to get a substantial discount on club memberships because they own a home on the property. You may be able to take advantage of golf courses, pools, and other amenities the country club has to offer. 

Con: You may have to deal with the occasional stray golf ball. 

Living in the midst of a country club is usually going to mean you are in very close proximity to a golf course, which definitely comes along with its perks. However, the stray golf ball every once in a while is going to happen. This means you may have a few golf balls tracking their way into your yard every now and then. 

Pro: You get pristinely manicured landscaping and surroundings all the time. 

You would be hard-pressed to ever walk onto a country club property and not see perfectly manicured lawns, trimmed shrubbery, and green and healthy landscaping. Therefore, as the owner of a country club property, your views are pretty much going to be the same all the time. Country clubs have an esteemed reputation for their pristine appearance, and you will be right in the middle of all of that. 

Con: You will likely have an HOA. 

Having an HOA to answer to is not necessarily a con for most people; it only means there may be a few extra contingencies of owning a house on the property. For example, there may be regulations about where you can store your trash or how your home can be changed even though you own it. As a benefit, an HOA means everyone in the neighborhood has the same rules to follow, and you can count on a secure place to live without a lot of unexpected variables that would come along with living in a typical neighborhood.