3 Tips For Getting Rid Of Your Used Vehicle

10 October 2018
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When you are looking to get rid of a vehicle that you no longer use, it's important that you explore the best options available to you. If your car is pretty old, you still have the opportunity to maximize on whatever value you have left. The tips below will help you know which options are best for you and will help you move forward with the process. With this in mind, keep reading and utilize the points below. 

Tip #1: Know the vehicle's value and look for trade-in opportunities

To get the most out of your automobile's value, you need to first research it. Check with Kelley Blue Book and other listings to figure out how much your car will go for on the market. You'll need to plug in the current mileage, how old the car is, its relative condition and more. Once you know what kind of trade-in value you can expect, start looking around for some dealerships that can help you out. Ask around to see what kind of offers you are getting from dealerships near you so that you can figure out if it works for you. After you know what you can get for your vehicle in its current condition, you'll decide whether a trade-in is your best bet or not.  

Tip #2: Sell your car for parts

This is the ideal option if you know your car is too old and in too poor condition to get any worthwhile offers. If the vehicle doesn't start or needs a lot of work to be driveable, selling to a junkyard might be the best case scenario. Always research the salvage yard in advance to see what kind of parts they specialize in and what they're looking for. By shopping around for estimates on these sales, you'll get what you need out of your car's remaining value. 

Tip #3: Donate your automobile to charity

Finally, donating your vehicle to charity is a great option for you and the charitable organization. You will know that you are supporting a good cause, and will be able to get a lot of value back by claiming the vehicle donation on your taxes. Make sure that you get your hands on the correct forms to be sure that you're staying on top of things. 

Use the three tips in this article to get rid of your used vehicle in a way that works for you.