Ways To Maximize Space In Your Retail Store

29 September 2014
 Categories: Business, Articles


Maximizing the space in your retail store is important. Making the most of your space allows you to showcase a variety of products, which can help you to earn more money for your business. Unfortunately, not every business owner knows how to make the most of their retail space. This can end up costing them lost revenue each and every month. Here are a few store supplies that can help you make the most of your space and increase your store's earning potential.


Slatwall is a wall covering that can be screwed in over the existing drywall in your business. This type of wall covering features a series of slats, with a small gap between each one of these slats. Hooks, brackets or hooked baskets fit perfectly in the gap between the slats, giving you a place to hang or display merchandise on your walls.

The biggest advantage to slatwall from companies like National Hanger Company is that it gives you the opportunity to showcase merchandise on your wall, which can sometimes be dead space inside of a business. When the wall space is not used, you are wasting a lot of space in your retail business. Slatwall allows you to make the most out of your walls and showcase merchandise from the ground to the ceiling on the walls in your business.

Floor Display Units

Making the most of the floor space in your retail business is important, especially since your rent is typically based on the amount of square feet your business has. If you don't maximize the space, you may think you need a space bigger than you do, which in turn drives your rent cost up.

One of the supplies that can help you to make the most of your floor space is floor display units. There are a variety of different types of display units. Some of the most common include:

  • Shoe racks
  • Gondola towers
  • Dump bins
  • DVD displays
  • Display Tables
  • Floor Displays

Display units help you to effectively showcase your merchandise, while utilizing your available space. This helps to catch the consumer's eye, while allowing you to display everything you want consumers to see within your store. You can either use one type of display unit, or mix and match, based on the different products you may carry.

Countertop Displays

The last type of store supply that you may want to use in your store to make the most of your space is a countertop display. It is common for there to be one or more countertops in your store, typically where customers complete their purchases. Using countertop displays allows you to place smaller pieces of merchandise on the counter, helping to spur last minute purchases. Some of the most common types of countertop displays include:

  • Eyeglass displays
  • Postcard racks
  • Hat Displays
  • Jewelry Displays
  • Easels

Using a countertop display can help you to use that space to display merchandise. However, you have to be careful not to clutter the countertop. Use one or two displays on a countertop. Anything more than that will look cluttered and may make the space look too busy to customers. This won't appeal to them and can deter from your products.

No matter how small or large your store is, making the most of any space you have is key. Maximizing the space in your retail store allows you to display the different types of merchandise you are trying to sell. The more you can display, the more you can potentially sell. But,  at the same time, you don't want to make your store look cluttered or crowded, or customers may not find what they need. Using store supplies like slatwall, floor display units and countertop displays can help you to maximize the space in your retail store.