3 Unique Ways To Keep Your Cremated Loved One With You Always

10 September 2014
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Losing a loved one is always difficult. Coping with the loss can be particularly tough if they have chosen cremation, done by businesses like Care Memorial Cremation Solutions, and you are unsure of how to properly and respectfully store their ashes. A traditional urn on the mantle or scattering of the ashes in a favorite spot are both good options for keeping your deceased loved one close, but if you would like something with a more personal touch to it there are a few creative ways to keep your loved ones present with you in your home or your everyday life.

Cremation Jewelry

There are a variety of options for jewelry that can contain the ashes of your lost loved ones. One popular style is a simple locket or cylinder necklace that is filled with the ashes and sealed off. You can also find rings in this style that act as a container. A great way to really personalize the jewelry is to add an engraving on the inside of the ring or on the outside of a metal pendant.

Another type of memorial jewelry actually incorporates the ashes into the jewelry itself. An example of these are gemstones, such as diamonds, that are created using the ashes in a process that compresses the ashes into a gem. These gems can then be incorporated into any style of jewelry you like. For a cheaper option, some companies will use the ashes in the creation of a glass pendant.

Have a Masterpiece Painted From Ashes

If you're not the jewelry-wearing type, there are still plenty of other options for you. If your loved one was an artist, or simply a lover of the fine arts, perhaps a painting or a sculpture is a more appropriate memorial.

Cremation art is rising in popularity and is a lovely, unique way of honoring the person you have lost. The way it works is simple, the ashes are simply mixed into the paint, which is then used to create an original work of art. Some companies offer a variety of pre-made painting designs to select from, or you can choose a more unique and personalized piece of art for your loved one's ashes to be incorporated into. This piece of art can be a conversation piece, or simply a discreet way for you to keep a piece of them with you.

Spread Ashes in Your Garden and Mark Your Garden With a Garden Memorial Rock

Perhaps your loved one was an avid gardener, or perhaps you are. Rather than spreading your loved one's ashes around in a public place, where you have no control over what happens, you might choose to honor their memory by mixing the ashes into your own soil.

Many plants, such as roses and trees, can still thrive with the introduction of ashes into the soil. This way your loved one will become a beautiful part of your every day life and you don't have to travel to a cemetery to visit them. You can mark the site with a memorial rock, or even a statue. This can be an conspicuous or private as you would like, the stone could be engraved much like a headstone or it could simply be a river rock.

While loss is never easy, remembrance should be. When a loved one has been cremated, it can be difficult to decide how best to honor their memory. Whether you choose to scatter their ashes, place them in a traditional urn, or do something creative such as the options explored above, the most important thing to remember is to honor your loved one in the way you feel is best.