Here's Why City Stakeholders Need Urban Digital Twins

17 August 2021
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Nowadays, modern cities don't just incorporate social dimensions like culture or physical assets like infrastructure. Technological advancements have also made it possible to incorporate an additional dimension known as the digital dimension. The digital dimension now supports vital activities like planning and managing finances in cities. Today, as a decision-maker, you can utilize digital platforms called urban digital twins to execute such functions and many more.

What Are Urban Digital Twins?

Urban digital twins involve digital representations of your city's assets. That means that digital twins are full virtual-scale models that enable you and other relevant stakeholders to observe, simulate, anticipate, and make plans designed to affect your city's current state and prepare for a better future. Today, urban digital twins are a part of many city plans.

Why Use Urban Digital Twins?

There are several reasons why using urban digital twins is advantageous, including the following:

Identify potential risks before building a city

Urban digital twins help you plan cities before building them in the real world. Therefore, risk identification and assessment processes are enabled before the actual construction begins. That decimates costly errors and failures that cause unwanted delays. Moreover, you can predict the likelihood and potential effect of disasters like flooding and earthquakes with digital twins and respond accordingly.

Predictive maintenance

Large cities often need extensive maintenance. And since urban digital twins provide real-time information that helps you analyze any problems likely to happen in the future, you also plan maintenance and repairs for infrastructure beforehand.

Increased operational efficiency

All cities benefit immensely when stakeholders like government departments, residents, and the overall ecosystem collaborate seamlessly. Fortunately, urban digital twins facilitate such collaboration by enabling efficient communication and consumption of real-time information. In turn, the city's operations become more transparent and improve decision-making.

Optimum safety

Digital twins are essential in planning how spaces ought to be used. For instance, these platforms help you allocate specific places for foot traffic to ensure pedestrians are safe from vehicular traffic. Besides, it's easier to strategize regarding aspects like security and eventualities such as crowd control using a digital twin.

Public engagement

It's always advisable to involve the general public whenever city planning is underway. City residents are some of the stakeholders, and they need to know how specific plans may alter their lives. And, by using digital twins to communicate your plans to them, you create a feedback loop for voicing out any concerns.

Ready to Get Started?          

Designing and building complete urban digital twins is complicated and strenuous. Therefore, you need a team of skilled experts to execute your project in time and assist in data management. Besides, once you adopt digital twins technology, your current team will need the training required to use it effectively. Reach out to a company like CityZenith for assistance regarding creating your city's digital twin model and enjoy its numerous advantages.