How To Handle A Stuck Bolt, Screw, Or Fastener

18 May 2020
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Just about anyone who has put something together or tried to take something apart has run into an issue with a nut, bolt, screw, or fastener becoming difficult to move. If you have a screw that is stripped or a part that is otherwise stuck within a piece of equipment, you will obviously need to get it removed before you can move forward with the rest of the project. It's also likely that you want to avoid damage to the rest of the equipment, so just taking a sledgehammer to the trouble spot is probably ill advised. All of that said, here are some tips to keep in mind when dealing with a stuck bolt, screw, or other type of fastener.

Heat It Up

This may be the most effective method, but you'll also need to be very careful. If you have a heat gun or another way to add heat directly to the spot where the screw is stuck, this can be quite effective. The catch is that you have to pinpoint your spot with great accuracy because you don't want the heat to damage the rest of the equipment or whatever the screw is stuck within. Heat causes bolts to expand over time. Try to apply heat to the problem area for a minute or so and the bolt or screw might pop right out.

Lubrication May Help

If the heat alone won't cause the bolt or screw to pop, wait for it to cool back down and then try using an oil-based lubricant. Use a file to get the oil down onto the sides of the bolt or screw. Gently tap the top of the fastener with a hammer in order to encourage the oil to get down into the socket. With a little luck and persistence, it will now be easier to pull the screw or bolt out of the hole.

Use Pliers, a Nut Splitter, or a Screw Extractor

Sometimes the only option left is to use brute force. You probably already thought of using a pair of locking pliers, but yanking the bolt out this way could cause damage to the threads of the bolt or the socket. Go to your local home improvement store and invest in a nut splitter or screw extractor. These wrench-like tools are adept at yanking out hard-to-remove fasteners without causing damage.

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