Two Reasons Why You Should Think About Getting New Insulation For Your Commercial Facility

24 February 2018
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Although insulation is hidden behind the walls, it is an essential part of any building. Good insulation is highly beneficial because it helps to keep outside air where it should be and can soften some of the noise that would otherwise penetrate your walls and disrupt the work that takes place on the other side of them. If you own an older commercial facility and are interested in doing all you can to keep it in good condition, read more about why you should consider getting new insulation.

Modern Insulation Simply Can't Be Beat

Older commercial buildings were typically designed to be insulated with fiberglass. Fiberglass is basically a thin, blue material that is framed by a cardboard box. Multiple layers of this are put together to create a rather weak, but workable barrier against the elements. 

Although fiberglass may perform okay when it's first put in, the ravages of time can do a number on it. Through deterioration and wear it's almost certain that the fiberglass will begin to thin out and fail to serve its original purpose.

These days, things have changed quite a bit. New insulation models are stronger than ever before, providing you with the kind of protection that fiberglass simply can't match. Spray foam is one of these types of insulation that can be very potent when you have it put into your building. The foam seals up those cracks and smaller places that the fiberglass was unable to reach. When it is sprayed behind the walls it blooms open to fill the space in a way that few other types of insulation can match.

New Insulation Blocks The Elements

Along with preventing air seepage, insulation also helps to protect your basic structure and foundation from the elements. It catches things like the rain or silent leaks that can so frequently occur just behind the walls. If your current insulation isn't up to this task, you are taking a tremendous risk. The elements can do a number on your building and if you aren't careful you could find that you're shelling out lots of money just to keep your commercial facility in decent shape.

An insulation contractor, such as from Spray Equipment and Coatings Inc, will come strapped with the knowledge, equipment and materials necessary to get your insulation levels back where they need to be. With their help, you can find the perfect type of insulation which will provide the protection you need to keep your building up to par.