Looking For An Information Assurance Job? Here Are The Skills You Need To Set Yourself Apart From The Competition

9 February 2017
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A lot of responsibility is put on your shoulders as an information assurance specialist. You'll oversee managing the risks associated with any information and data processing the company you work for engages in. You'll also have to make sure that data storage and information access, both in the digital and physical form, are always protected from unauthorized users. And part of your job will entail the assurance of information access to authorized users at the right times. The job is engaging, challenging, and rewarding which makes it a competitive market – here are a few skills you can develop and highlight on your resume to help set yourself apart from other competitive information assurance job seekers out there:

Group Speaking

As an information assurance specialist, you'll likely have to address a group of team members within the organization in which you work periodically to keep them up to date on the processes you are using and any changes you've made to their systems. So, it's important that you are comfortable with speaking in front of groups of people and that you are able to be clear, concise, and loud enough for everyone to easily hear what you're saying.

If you've never spoken in front of a group before, start practicing by having your friends over and reading a speech to them over dinner. Alternatively, you can take a public speaking course at your local community college or join a small acting group that will allow you to practice talking in front of others.

Report Production

You will probably be expected to provide your manager with reports on a regular basis that outlines things such as the types and amounts of breeches have been attempted recently, and what steps you've taken to further secure the company's systems. If possible, take the time to practice creating, filling out, and maintaining various security reports before applying for an information assurance job.

Use spreadsheet software to create customized reports and practice using them for a few days by reporting to an imaginary company using made up information. You can submit your reports with your resume when applying for jobs so potential employers can see your skills for themselves and know what to expect in terms of being kept in the loop if they hire you.

Team Leading

Not only do you need to be a good team player, but you'll need to be an effective team leader as an information assurance expert. You will be the one who understands the security systems in place, how they work, and what needs to be changed as time goes on to keep up with new threats. You will also be the one ultimately responsible for any security breaches that take place or program malfunctions that develop. So being a strong leader for the team that works under you is essential for both the success of your career and the security of the company you work for.

If you've never led a team in school or at work before, consider volunteering at your local community center, a summer camp, or in a vocational training center as a group leader. You won't be in a business setting, but you will learn basic skills such as gaining respect, holding team members accountable, and delegate tasks to qualified team members. Potential employers are sure to appreciate all the leadership skills you can bring to the table.

These skillsets should be easy to learn if you stay committed. Once you've got some experience under your belt, you can feature these skills on your resume in some fashion to help you get ahead of the competition and ultimately optimize your chances of landing that dream information assurance job.