Personalizing Your Western-Themed Casket

18 July 2016
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Paying for funeral costs can be expensive, so an estimated 23% of adults over the age of 50 have opted to pre-pay for a portion of their funeral and/or burial expenses in advance. If you don't want your family to be saddled with the financial burden of buying your casket, you should take the time to select and pay for a casket well in advance of your golden years. As an added bonus, pre-paying for a casket allows you to customize the vessel you will rest in to suit your needs.

Here are three ways you can personalize your casket to help reflect your love for the Western lifestyle.

1. Opt for a natural wood casket.

Few things represent the rugged outdoors like natural wood. Commissioning a custom casket well in advance of your funeral allows you to invest in a casket made from natural wood. These caskets have a rustic vibe that lends itself well to a Western-themed funeral.

You can also have your family's brand burned into the top of the casket to pay homage to your Western roots. Pre-paying for a natural wood casket allows you to secure a burial vessel that will blend seamlessly into your Western-themed funeral decor.

2. Invest in custom embroidery.

The soft, silky material used to line the interior of your casket provides the perfect opportunity to customize your final resting place. Advancements in embroidery technology have produced machines that can recreate an image captured on film as an embroidered graphic.

Having your family's brand, your favorite horse, or a rustic scene (like a pack string or a pine-covered mountainside) embroidered on the interior of your casket is a simple way to give your burial vessel that Western feel that reflects your interests in this life.

3. Add some leather to the casket's exterior.

Leather is another material that is synonymous with a Western lifestyle. You can easily request that some leather elements be used to make your casket more decorative when you pre-pay for your casket in the near future.

Adding some tooled leather rosettes or featuring saddle stirrups that act as casket handles can easily make your casket appear more Western. Be sure to ask your local funeral home about the option of adding leather elements to your casket.

Taking the time to pre-pay for your casket ensures that you will be able to personalize your Western-themed casket in preparation for your passing. Contact a business, such as Elmwood Casket Company, for more information.