Tips For Keeping Your Storefront Clean

27 June 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


Your sidewalk and storefront play an important part in drawing in customers. This is because curb appeal is what catches the eyes of passers-by. Keeping the storefront clean and inviting should be a top priority for any business owner. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Commit to daily sweeping

Dirt, leaves, and garbage can build up on the sidewalk and against the wall of your shop. Assign sweeping duty to an employee daily to combat this. Invest in a quality outdoor broom and long-handled dust pan to make it easier on your employees. This way they can quickly sweep at the beginning of the business day, or even part-way through the day if things begin to get dirty.

Tip #2: Manage weed growth and cracks

Grass and weeds can sometimes take root in the sidewalk cracks or where the sidewalk joins up to the front of your building. Not only does this look bad, it can damage the sidewalk and collect trash. Pull these promptly so they don't become established. If you notice that the weeds are growing inside of sidewalk cracks, fill the cracks in with a concrete patching caulk or bring in a contractor to repair the sidewalk. Allowing weeds or soil to invade will just make the cracks worse.

Tip #3: Keep the windows sparkling

Sparkling clean windows are much more inviting from the outside and they provide plenty of natural light to complement your wares on the inside. Industrial window cleaners formulated to be streak-free are your best option. These are available from janitorial suppliers and they usually need to be diluted with water. Also, invest in a squeegee to make it easier to clean the windows. Doors may need to be cleaned daily, while the actual windows only need to be cleaned as needed.

Tip #4: Get the stains out

Both the sidewalk and the non-glass business front can become dirty, stained, and dingy. Pressure washing is usually the best way to get the dirt off of cement, asphalt, and masonry. You can also pressure wash wood siding, just make sure to test the pressure first so you don't damage it. Pressure washing removes more than just dirt—it can also remove grease stains, graffiti, and gum. Another option is to invest in a steam-powered pressure washer. The combination of steam and pressure tends to cut through even the most stubborn dirt.

Contact a cleaning equipment supplier or janitorial supplier in your area for more help. Companies like Ben's Cleaner Sales may be able to help.