Have A New CDL License But Need A Flexible Income Solution? Consider These 4 Effective Options

7 November 2014
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With a CDL license you can expect to make up to $60,000 a year, but many career paths require full time dedication. They can also be restrictive when it comes to getting time off and choosing shift hours. Luckily, there are a few careers paths you can take that provide complete flexibility and freedom to choose your own work commitments as you see fit. Consider these options:

Make Use of a Temporary Employment Agency

Working with an employment agency st a site like http://www.montustaffing.com/ can give you an opportunity to get work when you need it without any long term commitment requirements unless you want them. Most temporary agencies will allow you to work just one day a year if you want, and may even offer longer term projects if you are able to work for weeks or months at a time.

Once you fill out the initial paperwork and are set up in the system, it is just a matter of calling or showing up on the morning you'd like to work in order to see if any opportunities are available that fit your experience. Many agencies pay each day you work, which helps to keep the cash flow going.

You may find that agencies in your area have long haul driving jobs that will keep you on the road for several days at a time which is helpful for earning sizeable chunks of money within just a short period, allowing you to take some time off between gigs.

Become a Freelance Driver for Contractors

You'll find that many contractors in your area are in need of CDL licensed drivers to get their supplies to and from the jobsite. Things like building supplies, propane, and even cement all need to be transported by CDL drivers and the work is not always consistent, so it makes sense for contractors to use freelancers. It also saves them from having to pay for things like health insurance that would have to be considered when hiring full-time drivers.

Getting directly by a contractor full time will limit your work flexibility, but freelancing for various contractors in and near your community will keep your income opportunities wide open without having to commit to days or hours that you don't want to. Offering a referral bonus to contractors as you work with them will help to drum up some business when the work seems scarce.

Simply offer a small percentage off the client's next service for every new client they refer to you. This enables you to reward clients who are willing to provide word of mouth advertising without having to pay them out of pocket.

Start a Local or Long Distance Business

Running your own business gives you an opportunity to do as little or as much work as you want, and on your own terms. Take on the customers you choose to work with and schedule your own available days, hours, and months throughout the year. You do need your own big rig if you choose to go this route, but the truck can be financed just like if you were financing a new vehicle for personal use.

You may be able to use part of your business equity as collateral so that your cash flow isn't held up as you open your company's doors for business. Don't forget to advertise your business nationwide to gain exposure and get access to long distance job opportunities.

Become a CDL Driving Instructor

As long as you have your CDL license and some verifiable experience behind the wheel, you probably have what it takes to become a CDL driving instructor. A couple of effective ways to get your foot in the door is to start your own driving school, or work part time at a school that has already been established.

You will need to fill out a CDL instructor license application that's provided by the department of motor vehicles in your state, and pass an examination that is designed to test your skills both on the road and in the classroom. Upon passing both the exam and a background check, you will pay a fee predetermined by your DMV, and receive your license to teach others how to be the safest and most effective CDL drivers on the road.

Upon starting your career, you may want to try combining two or more of these methods to create some variety and to beef up your portfolio.