Saving Money On A Moving Truck Rental

20 February 2014
 Categories: Business, Articles


The laws of supply and demand have never been more applicable than when they refer to the Chicago moving truck rental industry. Moving is expensive, no matter how you look at the process. However, a few savvy strategies can save you time, money, and a lot of headaches. Comparing online rate quotes isn't generally the best way to choose a rental truck. There are too many factors involved in a truck rental to be able to compare companies online. However, you can definitely use online quotes as a starting point in your search for the right company. One of the most important details that will dictate the cost of a moving truck is whether you plan to drive the truck yourself or whether you want to hire a professional company to handle the transfer. You will obviously spend more to hire a professional driver. If you choose a well-established company such as Elite Truck Rental, you will generally have access to trucks that are nearly as large as those used by full-service moving companies. If you decide to rent a truck and manage your own transfer, you need to feel confident about handling a large vehicle on the highway. Driving in the city is another important detail. You need to have the skills to turn on narrow streets and in crowded traffic conditions. The size of the truck you want to rent will play a big part in the final cost. Even though the largest 26-foot trucks are the most expensive, you shouldn't try to save money by renting a smaller vehicle than you actually need. If you try to cram your household belongings into a truck that is too small, they will stand a better chance of being damaged in transit. Most truck rental companies provide simple calculating strategies for determining the optimal sizes for your needs. For example, a home with one or two rooms can usually be accommodated in a 12-foot truck, while a home with up to five rooms will probably require a 22-foot truck. Make sure you rent a large enough truck, but don't pay for space that you don't actually need. You can also save money on a moving truck rental by being savvy about the best times to move. The greatest demand for moving trucks always occurs the last week of the month. This is the time when leases expire, and most people don't want to pay an extra month's rent when they don't plan to be in the home. Since the demand for trucks is greatest at the end of the month, this is also the time when trucks are the most expensive. You will definitely save money on a truck rental if you schedule your transfer during the spring, fall, or winter. Most people want to move during the summer because this is the time when the kids are out of school. The summer season is also the time when vacation times are longest, and it is the season when a move can be accomplished with the least disruption. Winter is the season with the fewest demands for rental trucks, although this is also the season when the risk of inclement weather can have the greatest impact on safety. Finally, the very best truck rental strategies include working with a company that has a long history in the community. Companies such as Elite Truck Rental offer one-way and long-distance truck rentals. They even offer the use of Penske trucks, which have the reputation for being some of the safest vehicles on the highway. Don't forget to compare the cost of supplies such as moving boxes, tape, dollies, and hand trucks. One of the details that distinguishes the best truck rental companies from the others is that they offer a full range of services, trucks, and supplies. You will also receive the best trucks and services if you verify that the company is licensed by the Illinois Commerce Commission. Click here to find out more.