Little Known Reasons To Hail A Taxi!

18 February 2014
 Categories: Business, Articles


A common sight in nearly any size city or town, taxis are becoming the transportation option of choice for individuals and families, alike. Once mostly utilized by visitors in cities like Tucson, taxi service is now routinely used by many people as a main source of transportation. Here are several ways in which choosing to use a taxi as regular transportation can be a huge benefit. Save Money, Call A Taxi! Vehicle ownership is far more expensive than many people realize. First, there is the cost of the vehicle, interest and finance charges. Then, there are taxes, license fees, parking permits, and insurance, all of which must be paid before the key is even inserted in the ignition. Now, add in fuel, oil changes, tires, batteries, and routine maintenance and the cost of vehicle ownership becomes even higher. When all these fees are added up, it can quickly become apparent that merely owning a vehicle requires a sizable daily investment, even on days when the car never leaves the garage. Save Time, Call A Taxi! Very little is more frustrating than circling a city block, or cruising a crowded parking garage, while searching for an empty parking slot. This unpleasant, but necessary, part of driving can quickly eat up precious minutes of our day, making us late for meetings and appointments, while wasting fuel and adding unnecessary stress to our daily lives. As bad as this process can be on a sunny day, it can become many times worse on a rainy, cold or snowy day. Instead, imagine being picked up at your doorstep, welcomed into a warm car and whisked through crowded streets, toward your destination. Arriving right on time, there is no frustration, wasted fuel or soggy shoes from slogging through wet streets. In most cases, the fare charged by the taxi company will be less costly that the average fees associated with just one day of private vehicle ownership! In fact, according to a 2013 study done by the American Automobile Association, or AAA, the average annual cost of owning a car is between $7,000 and $11,000 dollars, and rising. Pack More Into Your Day, Call A Taxi! Driving in Tucson traffic requires rapt attention, even for the experienced driver. Unfortunately, calls, texts, and emails continue to bombard us, even while we are at the wheel. Parking the private vehicle and calling for a taxi offers the freedom to check emails and messages, return calls and texts and even double check that important presentation, while a skilled, professional driver deals with snarled traffic and unexpected detours. Even when work is not on the calendar for the day, taking a cab on family outings, lunch dates with friends or a romantic dinner allows the focus to be on the special people in your life, instead of being distracted by traffic, detours and the rush to find a gas station before the tank runs dry. Celebrate Wisely, Call A Taxi! Drinking and driving is never a good idea, from both a legal and an ethical standpoint. However, weddings, special dinners, parties and celebrations are some of the most enjoyable parts of our lives, even when we must travel to attend them. Calling a taxi is the best way to honor both yourself and your companions by ensuring everyone's safety, without dampening the spirit of the party. Preserve Independence, Call A Taxi! Lastly, consider the feelings of someone who is recovering from an illness or injury, or has simply become unable to continue driving on their own. Instead of feeling dependent upon the favors of friends and relatives the services of a reputable taxi company can ensure that they are able to retain their mobility and their independence by arranging their own safe, comfortable and affordable mode of transportation, a taxi, of course!